Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Have You Done For You Lately?

How are you doing? When was the last time that you took a moment to check in on your health and wellness?

It's so important that we listen and have a keen sense of our bodies to know the signals and symptoms that are gentle memo's to take note that something needs to be checked on.

Although you may be working to improve on your health and wellness through diet and exercise (which is excellent) you need to get a physical. In addition, it is important to know your family health history as well as your own. Some screenings may be more important than others based on your family's health history. No need to panic, your family's health history serves as a guide for the illnesses/diseases that may place you at a high risk level for the illness/disease.

Other suggestions are to treat yourself to a day at the spa. You can also place an order for some specially made to order spa products from Smell Good Spa They have a wide variety and great specials/sales.

But wait, there's more....
Healthy Eats/Treats


  1. Thanks for including Smell Good Spa in your blog post! Yes, put a cherry on top of your healthy lifestyle, when you add our wholesome products to your regimen.

  2. You are most welcome. Our goal is to promote health and wellness and taking care of one's body includes treating the skin magnificently. We will also focus on aromatherapy which was recently discussed at a symposium on cancer.

  3. Nice! I actually belong to a group that advocates health and wellness to everyone in all aspects of their lives. People should know of these things as early as possible for them to be guided in everything they do. Love your post really. Thumbs up!

  4. Thanks Savannah, please share this post with everyone you know :-)