Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter 2014 - Who's Had Enough?

So what's the view from your window?
Seems like a long never ending snow stormy winter. Spanning from the North to the South, the snow has caused major shut downs. In some cases there have been chaotic and fatal situations. It's the nature of the season. As always, be careful. Soft snow flakes falling from the sky, leaving a beautiful white covering across the land is indeed a pretty sight. However, that pretty fluffy white stuff mixed with cold temperatures can be outright hazardous. Accidents due to poor visibility, treacherous roads, sidewalks that are not clear may deliver severe slipping/falling, tree branches breaking off with the snow and windy conditions, power lines down, losing electricity are just a part of the danger of the white fluff. If you are told to stay indoors, STAY INDOORS!!!

Who's loving this weather? Kids of course, they are always up for a fun frolic in the flakes and college students are ecstatic - no classes.

What's the great news? Spring is on the way...... Here's the countdown.

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