Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh The Scandal of it All - Breaking Bread News!!!

It's that sick feeling you get when you see a news report on the food that we enjoy contains a dye from insects and that the health department allows for a certain amount of rodent and insect droppings in food - now to kick it up a higher notch - we're eating fresh, tasty yoga mat sandwiches and burgers. It turns out that we're enjoying azodicarbonamide, the chemical used to make the bread whiter and bouncier. Just what we need, a bounce in our bread. Well, at least there's an explanation to the reason of biting the sandwich and having to give an extra pull for the release to chew.

Here we are working to improve on our health and wellness. In deciding what to eat, we weigh our options. Want to eat healthy and fresh? Head on over to Subway and indulge in their healthy menu, a sense of pride settles within as you have made a great choice. Thankfully, Subway decided to announce that they will no longer use azodicarbonamide in their bread. Needless to say, that caused a wait up, hold me back (kind of moment), what did they say was in their bread???!!! But wait, there's more, many of the other fast food restaurants are using the same chemical in their bread/buns.

So once again, we are left to wonder, what's really good for us? Who do we trust? Why would these products that are dangerous for human consumption be allowed in our foods? How could they determine that there should be a safe amount, considering that our health is not a one size fits all kind of deal? Who approves this and is there a financial incentive to gain from approving these unhealthy chemicals/products?

Perhaps it's time for us to bake our bread from scratch, purchase our fruits and vegetables from the local farmers markets, raise our own chickens, cows, etc., and do the work ourselves. For now, I may have to sprinkle holy water, read a scripture and pray that my food is safe each time I prepare to eat a meal.

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