Monday, December 10, 2012

All Things in Moderation

It's a new week and as I prepare for my second week of Cross Fit, I think of the emails I've received with questions and concerns about beginning or getting back to working out. Whenever I get back on track to focus on improving my health and wellness, I always begin at a pace that is comfortable for me. As I have mentioned in previous blogs and on the Health & Wellness Show, your health and wellness depends on you. You are the one who is charge of taking care of yourself. Not only are we focusing on the diet and exercise but also the well being of the mind and spirit.

There's no need to punish yourself with thoughts of where you should be in your health, or constantly fuss about the weight you have gained, just make a decision to change the way you do things - gradually. In doing so, you will begin to settle in to a different life style. You will notice that you are able to make more changes and may even look for new ways or methods to improve your health. Whatever the case, begin at your own pace. Do NOT try the quick fix remedies, it will fade as quickly as it came - once you have a flash back craving.

Even though there was a time that I could run 16 to 20 laps on the track, whenever I begin my track workout after having a long break, I begin with walking and perhaps running a lap after every three laps walked. Eventually I will walk one run one until I am able to run 4 laps and then walk one and then 4 laps, etc. It is important to note that I also run slowly. I run at a pace that is comfortable for me. As my ability to run more laps increases, my pace picks up.

As excited as I am to face the challenges of the Cross Fit program this week, I still work out at my own pace when I am on my own. In this case, the challenges are timed and I am able to compete - at my own pace :-)

Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider in beginning to improve on your health and wellness.


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