Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whip It Real Good - Cross Fit

Week 2 of Cross Fit and what a whipping it was! Sophia our instructor came in and eased us in with some demonstrations for doing various workouts. However, by the end of each session, I was gasping for mercy, air and water. My favorite was the wall balls which she referred to as the suck balls workout. In this workout we had to hold the ball, squat and throw it up to the mark on the wall then jump into burpees (my least favorite) and we were timed to complete 21, 15 and 9 of each. Yes, I was the very last one to finish but I did them all.
This week I did the scarecrow, pull ups, burpees, snatched, clean, jerked and sucked balls. The pulls up were rather difficult. I just had the most difficult time using my arms to pull myself up, so I would dangle there holding on. I jump down get the chalk and massage them into my palms and fingers - feeling like a professional athlete. I jump back on the bar and dangle some more until my arms let go. I hate doing the pull ups. However, I do the pulls up with the assistance of the band and it really is tougher that it looks.
Another workout that we did included barbell thrusters and then pull ups. The aim is to complete 21 barbell thrusters and 21 pull ups getting your chin up above the bar. Next you jump down get the barbell and thrust for 15 and jump up on the bar to do 15 pull ups. As soon as you are done, jump down get the barbell do 9 and jump up on the bar and do 9 pull ups all within 1 minute and 52 seconds. I did it all within 6 minutes and 18 seconds :-)By the way, this time, I was not the last to finish. Unbelievable yes, but the guys who had weights on their barbells were still going at it when I was finished. Obviously my barbells had no added weights but it was heavy just so you know ;-) The Fran workout was quite a way to end the workout. I cannot imagine what to expect next week. I just hope that you are still cheering me on. Check out Jason Kaplan showing us how it's done.........


  1. Ugh, I'm exhausted! LOL. Dawn, I don't care for burpees either, but I do them - at my own pace. ;o) Of course I'm still cheering you on!!

  2. Thanks Itiel!!! I can surely use the cheering :-)LOL!!! :-)