Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Thrill Is On

Please keep waving the pom poms, it's only the second session of CrossFit and I am feeling it. First, I must clarify the level of CrossFit that I am taking is called Elements. The first session was not as intense as I imagined it to be. However, it was in it's own respect, an introduction to how intense it will become. Thanks be to the good Lord, my partner (husband) is also taking the classes with me. It would be great to get his perspective, perhaps I can convince him to share his experience with you also.
A Peek Into Week 1
Nothing is more awkward than the feeling of entering a new forum and feeling like the new kid who enters the classroom in the middle of the school year. Here we were walking into an open area with groups of people and instructors working on all sorts of reps - well advanced. Then there are the looks you get that translates into "Oh look who finally stepped away from the buffet table." It made me pray that I would not end up flat on my face begging to sit something out.

Our instructor who was filling in for the week had us introduce ourselves and then gave us a brief introduction to what we should be expecting in our level of training. Then it was on.... the moment to begin. Our first night included squats, push ups and sit ups beginning with 20,15,10 and 5 of each while timing it for the reps to be completed within 8 minutes. I came in just under 6 minutes at 5:57 (Yippeeeee!!!) Albeit, I was the last one to finish but I was happy to know that I did it with time to spare.

You know how it feels the morning after, the work out is real and it tells you throughout your body. My muscles ached, I was in pain yet I was thrilled, something is happening :-)

Last night we began with the jump rope (50), plank for 30 seconds then 5 ring rows. It was also timed to be completed within 10 minutes. We moved on to the bars, squats, chest press and lift over the head, and then lowering to the thighs pass the shin then back up again keeping the body in perfect form. We ended with pull ups and squats. I am not a fan of pull ups as it requires me to use my arms to lift my body up and bring my head above the bar. There we were all six of us standing on the box and waiting for the instructor to say "GO!" I did my pull ups, struggling to pull myself up 5 times and then jump down to do 8 squats and then back to the pull ups and squats as fast as I could in 10 minutes. I worked very hard and did everything. As usual, I was the last one to finish. None of that bothered me one bit, I was determined to give my best. I even told myself that eventually, I will be better the next time. As I walked to the bathroom to change, I smiled to myself. I was really loving the sweat, it made me feel as though I gave my body a well deserved shake down.

While having dinner with my partner (husband), we spoke about the sessions comparing them in terms of the intensity. As I was sharing with him that the lady next to me did only 3 pull ups and then jumped down to do the squats, he said that's what the instructor told us to do. 3 pull ups and 8 squats. Really???!!!! How did I miss that?!!! Oh I know, I was the last one to complete the previous challenge/rep and the group had moved on to the instructions for the next workout.

Keep waving the pom poms. Next week, I will be listening ;-)


  1. Virtual high5! Pom poms are in the air.

  2. Thanks Itiel!!! I'm high 5ing with you too :-)